Every Moment Counts

It is estimated that smartphone users look at their phones more than 150 times each day, and 68% of users say they check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up.


People are making decisions faster than ever before, and they expect to be able to act on those decisions instantly. Google calls them Micro-Moments—the precious few seconds when we use our devices to find, learn, do, and buy whenever the need arises—or the whim strikes.


Every member of your community and congregation experiences Micro-Moments and they can happen at any time – on Sunday at church, or any day of the week, or at any time in the midst of their busy lives.


with eMoments you won’t miss a single moment


I-am-ready-to-give moment

Enable your community members to give whenever they are moved to do so–anytime,anywhere, from any device, conveniently and securely.


Improve giving 



I-am-ready-to-pray moment

Your members care and need care. Stay in touch, let them know who and what to pray for. Show you care, let them safely share their private and personal prayer requests.


Cultivate deeper relationships 

Sell Products


I-am-ready-to-volunteer moment

Let them volunteer whenever they are moved. Let them tell you they want to serve when they are inspired.


Get more volunteers 


I-am-ready-to-attend moment

It’s about building community, not doing administration. Registration should be easy. Increase attendance & reduce the cost of managing events.


Improve attendance 

Simple. Secure. Affordable.

a comprehensive suite of audience engagement & fundraising solutions

friendly on any platform

  • Branded donation experience
  • Accept credit card, PayPal, Interac, EFT
  • Safe and secure (PCI compliant)
  • Merchant account & provider of your choice – you control the fees
  • Allow mobile ticket purchases for events
  • Enable product purchases on mobile
  • Enable your main phone number for text messaging and automatic replies

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Sign up volunteers
  • Run mobile contests
  • Get feedback – polls/surveys
  • Engage in meaningful, real-time, two-way conversations
  • Capture supporter & volunteer data with ease – own your data
  • Automatically manage CASL compliance
  • Integrate data to your systems

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